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I am the founder of Haven. We help over 250+ individuals build systems to reach their investment potential. I document my experiences investing and building my business here: 

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I’ve spent the last 10 years curating the best sources of wisdom on a variety of essential topics such as personal finance, investing, meaning, fulfillment and self development. 

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My goal is to share my accumulated experience working with hundreds of clients and studying the world’s greatest minds to help others reach their potential. 

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For those who want to dive deeper, there is no need to become a client. We’re working on an online course to help you get your feet wet. My goal is that you never feel dumb talking about money again.

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In 2009 I read a book that changed my course forever

My business, investments and content afford me a lifestyle conducive to personal passions. I’m an avid Golfer, practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Guitarist, Reader, Writer and an Amateur Philosopher. The odd time I’m not found doing one of these, I’m with my friends or with my wonderful girlfriend of 4 years, Alana. I find immense meaning in consuming the world’s best ideas of past and present and compressing them into practical principles to make life better.

I was a terrible student in school, but I was an outlier in sports. With scholarship opportunities knocking at 15, my Dad gave me required reading before making any commitments.

The book was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It was the first book I enjoyed reading. It taught me something that the school had failed to: You don’t have to spend your adult life being stuck doing something you hate. I spent the next 3 years obsessively researching the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and investing. I wouldn’t shut up about it either, which allowed me to quickly garner a reputation as “the investing kid”. Four years later I had an investment track record in stocks and real estate, extensive media coverage and I began laying the foundations for my own investment advisory business, Haven. My goal here is to share everything I’ve learned in the process of being a young investor, entrepreneur and financial services founder. Why? Two reasons. First, this. Secondly, life seems better with a personal monopoly